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An Interview With The Creators Of Paleo Meals To Go

Recently, I interviewed the creators of Paleo Meals To Go, Ty and Dawn Anderson. Paleo Meals To Go produces (Made in the USA) and sells freeze dried Paleo and Primal approved meals. For active people, especially those who are into the outdoors, most meals in this area are not Primal or Paleo friendly by a… Read more »

A Chat with Kristin Conroy – Creator of the Holistic Nutrition Blog “Words Are Food”

In Kristin’s words from her blog “I’m not about one thing, so neither is this blog.  But there is a focus on whole natural foods, self-improvement, and creative writing…my passions. My goal is to provide nutrition for mind and body with dashes of humor for entertainment’s sake. This site is an opportunity to fully, freely,… Read more »

What is the Primal Lifestyle and How it Can Change Your Life Forever?

Recently you have probably heard the term “Primal” used, most often interchangeably with “Paleo.” You might know a little about Paleo, but is it the same as Primal? If not, what are the differences between the two. Primal – Is based on the Paleo diet, but with some tweaks and philosophical differences. The primary difference… Read more »