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Calories, Fat Storage And Weight Loss

Calories Versus Food Quality You may now be wondering about how many calories you should eat, or whether you should be counting calories. Well, I don’t believe in calorie counting, especially for the average person who is trying to lose weight. Here’s why: Calorie counting does not differentiate between healthy food and unhealthy food. It’s… Read more »

Not Another Paleo Knock Off: Why The Primal Power Method Is The Best Choice

Most companies today are just trying to sell you the latest weight loss fad, supplement, or recycled marketing ploy with one goal: to make your pocket book lighter, and not you. The Primal Power Method is here to break that mold! The Primal Power Method is primarily an information-based company, not a supplement warehouse. I… Read more »

Fight Sugar Cravings With This Natural And Healthy Sugar Substitute

  Every once in a while I find a product that I like to share with all my fans and followers. While at the Natural Food Expo West this year, I ran into a product that looked like it had some great potential to help people fight their sugar cravings and addiction. As most of… Read more »