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What Makes The Primal Power Method Better And Different From All The Others?

1) Pure simplicity! I didn’t create the Primal Power Method for myself or my peers, I wrote it for you. Just like you, I have been confused and didn’t know where to look or who to trust. My quest for optimal health and life simplification has taken me on many bumpy roads, sometimes ending in a ditch. I spent years of trial and error, and I wanted to spare you the pain I went through. I have a pretty extensive background in health, wellness, and self-reliance so if I can be duped that tells me there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed. That is where the genesis of the Primal Power Method came from; keeping it simple and make it easy to follow for everyone.

2) My background. No one in the health and wellness industry has the inside knowledge I have as a former Special Agent for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Health and Human Services. I have been on the inside of our food, drug and healthcare industry, and let me tell you it isn’t pretty. In addition to my background in health, I spend part of my year living off the grid, and the other part traveling around in my travel trailer. I’m on a continuous journey of a better, healthier and simpler life.

I want to share my inside knowledge with you, so you have all the tools you need to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life as well.

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Are Your Getting Your Health and Simple Living Advice From A Former Marketing Expert, Now Turned Slimy Network Marketing Guru?

The Primal/Paleo, Simple Living and health industry in general is filled to the brim with hucksters. Most of the people telling you how to lose weight, be healthy and live a simpler life have no background in these areas! You heard me right, absolutely no education or experience in health, not to mention they look pretty unhealthy in person (You have to love Photoshop). If you are looking to change your health and life for the better make sure to avoid these people like the plague, they are dangerous and their main goal is to sell you something. Following these so called experts will make you lose weight in one area only… your wallet!

I’m In, Take Me To The Primal Power Method Books Now!

What Is The Primal Power Method All About?

The Primal Power Method is a concept I created to help people make educated decisions concerning their health and simplifying their life. The Primal Power Method website is where I share valuable free information concerning my off-the-grid project, self reliance, nutrition, exercise, Primal and Paleo recipes, product reviews, health related articles, special promotions, and how to not only be self-sufficient in health, but life as well.

I consider my blog to be a place where like minded “Primal Power People” can get together and chew the fat (no pun intended). I encourage my followers to share any health or self sufficiency/survivalist related information that they think the rest of us will find useful. Remember there is no one way to optimal health and happiness, so it is always nice to learn from a new perspective.

Who Am I?

My name is Gary Collins and I’m many things at one time: a nutrition and health expert, adjunct college professor, healthy living and Primal Power Method Gary Collins Bikecompetitive sports consultant, published author, self sufficiency advocate, professional speaker…well I think you get the point. Bottom line I live and breath the Primal/Paleo and Self Sufficiency lifestyle every day and definitely practice what I preach.

I’m originally from from the High Sierra’s in California, but have lived a little here and there during my career in the military and as a Special Agent for the U.S. Government.

During my previous career I spent almost a decade investigating our food, drug and health care systems. To say I have a unique perspective into what is making Americans obese, stressed out and ill at an alarming rate, is an understatement.

See my full bio here…

What Is The Primal Power Method?

The Primal Power Method is a Health and Wellness Company Created by Former FDA Special Agent Gary Collins
While we have many creature (and culinary!) comforts in our modern lives, our bodies and digestive systems have changed little since our prehistoric cousins found the secret to life-long health –  active simple lives and natural foods. So, we need to eat, move, and live simpler lives like they did. Pretty straight-forward isn’t it! The secrets of health, happiness and longevity today are the same as they were thousands of years ago for our prehistoric ancestors. This idea is at the heart of the Primal Power Method.

This is not to say you need to live like a caveman – far from it! Hey, I don’t want to give up my car or computer either… ok maybe sometimes. But when it comes to your body realize that the diet and movement patterns that kept our species alive and empowered for many millennia haven’t changed. Anytime you are confronted by a seemingly confusing health or life choice, just think of how your primitive brethren would have lived… with whole natural foods and an active lifestyle free from the chaos we know today. That, in essence is Primal Power.

At the core of the Primal Power Method, is the belief it’s important to strive for what is realistic rather than idealistic. In this spirit, the Primal Power Method follows five truth-based, real-world principles designed to keep you on track. These form the practical foundation of the Method:

1. Knowledge is power
2. Avoid extremes
3. Keep it simple
4. Something is better than nothing
5. Take action today and every day

This Getting Healthy Stuff Is Confusing What Products Do I Start With?

That is why I created the Primal Power Method, to give people the basic information about living a healthy and Primal lifestyle.

I recommend to all my new clients, or anyone trying to get their health and life back on track, and those who want to take it up a notch to start with my Primal Power Method Series information products, and Men’s or Women’s Total Health Package:

Women’s Total Health Package

Men’s Total Health Package

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Primal Power Method Health Book Series Written By Former FDA Special Agent Gary Collins






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 My New “Going Off The Grid” Book is Here!

In my continuing quest for optimal health and life simplification, some years back I bought 20 acres in a more remote part of northeast Washington State. At the time I had been planning for almost a decade building a place where I could get away from it all. During the process I realized other people were interested in the same thing. So with that, my “Going Off The Grid” book was born outlining how I was going about my project, and showing other people how they could do it as well. If you are interested in a simpler and happier life this is the book for you!

Going Off The Grid: The How-To Book Of Simple Living And Happiness


Going Off The Grid 3D











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The Primal Power Method Book: Change Your Body. Change Your Life. The Modern Caveman Lifestyle, Simplified


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Stop the fad diet madness! Shed fat and keep it off for life with the last diet and exercise program you will ever need.

A former special investigator for the US Food and Drug Administration and US Department of Health and Human Services, author Gary Collins, MS, reveals why most of what you have been taught about how to lose weight is wrong—and is likely harming your health!

Maybe you’ve lost weight in the past—but then packed back on the pounds. Maybe you eat according to government recommendations—but still feel exhausted and unwell.

For years, Collins and his revolutionary Primal Power Method have helped clients with the same concerns to drastically change their bodies and lives. Now, you can too.

Purchase the Primal Power Method series books today, and get started on a journey of lifelong health and happiness!

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The Primal Power Method Quick, Super Easy Primal and Paleo Meal Recipes


Primal Power Method Paleo Recipe Book










Is your bookshelf collapsing under the weight of supposedly healthy cookbooks… that you never use? The ones that plot out five course meals and complex recipes using tons of ingredients that you don’t have and can’t recognize?

Good news: The Primal Power Recipe and Meal Guide is here! With thirty-five primal and paleo recipes and a bonus detox recipe, it’s the perfect companion to the other Primal Power Method books.

The best part? These recipes were created by food industry expert Gary Collins, through years of experimentation, using a common sense approach to getting healthy.

Does the thought of cooking healthy meals from scratch seem intimidating?

Do you want to learn simple, quick and healthy recipes?

Do you lack the time to cook?

Are you unsure of which ingredients are healthiest?

Do you want to save money?

Are you ready to reclaim your health?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Primal Power Method’s meal and recipe guide (Book 3 in the Primal Power Series) is for you!

It seems today everyone who has ever eaten or cooked a Primal or Paleo-style meal is an “expert” and has their own cookbook. But most just rehash tired recipes already available on the Internet.

That’s why Collins created this book. It’s a practical, easy-to-use approach to health and cooking. Most of these delicious recipes contain five ingredients or less and take five-to-ten minutes to prepare. Getting healthy should be simple… this book is the solution.

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Primal Power Method The Organic Caveman: How To Make Natural And Sustainable Food Choices For Weight Loss And Health


Primal Power Method The Organic Caveman









Are you confused about what to eat? What is “organic,” what is not, and what exactly does “all-natural” mean (if anything!)?

That is why Gary Collins, M.S., wrote this book, the second in the Primal Power series. With his unparalleled experience in the food, drug and health industry, there is no better person to give it to you straight.

Lose weight for life with simple, affordable, organic food options!

Learn to make grocery stores decisions that boost energy while saving money. Discover must-know tips for finding local, organic foods in your area that slim your waistline but don’t break the bank. Finally achieve the body and the life you want!

It’s all possible with easy-to-prepare, budget-friendly meals made from organic, real food.

So says Gary Collins, a fat loss expert and former special investigator for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In this ground-breaking book, he publicly reveals the importance of choosing organically raised foods… and the dire consequences to your wellbeing that come from ignoring the truth.

After a decade spent investigating the hidden underworld of the food and supplement industries, Collins turns the tables on the corporations currently and covertly polluting the country’s nutritional supplies. Using a compelling narrative of twentieth century agriculture, he exposes why even Americans eating “healthy” foods like vegetables and lean meats still may not drop the pounds or get lean.

Weight loss and wellbeing should not and need not only be for the wealthy, Collins affirms. But to enjoy a full life on Earth, you must clean up your diet.

This book gives you the motivation and information you need to make informed, real-world organic choices that will help you lose weight, feel amazing, and look sexy – for life!

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* Available in digital and hard copy versions.



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