Primal Power Method – Lose 15 Pounds In 30 Days Book Package (eBooks)

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Primal Power Method Change Your Body Change Your Life (eBook)

Primal Power Method Quick Super Easy Primal and Paleo Recipes (eBook)

Primal Power Method The Organic Caveman (eBook)


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The Primal Power Method Book Series, Is Written by former FDA and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Special Agent Gary Collins, MS!

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Do You Suffer From Any Of The Following:


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Sexual Disinterest 

Digestive Issues






Want to get lean, fit, and healthy for life?

Then the Primal Power Method books are for you!

You won’t get a strong, sexy body with gimmicky exercise equipment or pre-packed frozen foods. But according to fat-loss expert Gary Collins, MS, it is possible to get—and stay—disease-free, fit and lean for life. The Primal Power Method’s three-book series tells you how.

These are must-reads for anyone who wants to get healthy, look incredible, and feel energized and empowered about their health.

Book 1: Change Your Body. Change Your Life. The Modern Caveman Lifestyle Simplified

Stop the fad diet madness! Shed fat and keep it off for life with the last diet and exercise program you will ever need.

A former special investigator for the US Food and Drug Administration and US Department of Health and Human Services, author Gary Collins, MS, reveals why most of what you have been taught about how to lose weight is wrong—and is likely harming your health!

This book explains exactly how to make caveman-inspired food choices that nourish your body and make losing weight easy. It teaches you how to overcome bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, and other digestive problems with simple tweaks to your food choices that are delicious and affordable.

It’s a practical and simple approach to eating and movement that will keep you lean for life. Join us and get started on a journey of health and happiness!

Book 2: The Organic Caveman: How To Make Natural And Sustainable Food Choices For Weight Loss

Lose weight for life with simple, affordable, organic food options!

Learn to make grocery stores decisions that boost energy while saving money. Discover must-know tips for finding local, organic foods in your area that slim your waistline but don’t break the bank. Finally achieve the body and the life you want!

After a decade spent investigating the hidden underworld of the food and supplement industries, former FDA investigator Gary Collins, M.S., turns the tables on the corporations currently and covertly polluting the country’s nutritional supplies. Using a compelling narrative of twentieth century agriculture, he exposes why even Americans eating “healthy” foods like vegetables and lean meats still may not drop the pounds or get lean.

This book gives you the motivation and information you need to make informed, real-world organic choices that will help you lose weight, feel amazing, and look sexy – for life!

Book 3: The Primal Power Method Meal Guide: Quick, Super-Easy Primal and Paleo Meal Recipes

Does the thought of cooking healthy meals from scratch seem intimidating?

Do you lack the time to cook?

Are you ready to reclaim your health?

Good news: The Primal Power Recipe and Meal Guide is here! With thirty-five primal and paleo recipes and a bonus detox recipe, it’s the perfect companion to the other Primal Power Method books.

The best part? These recipes were created by food industry expert Gary Collins, M.S., through years of experimentation, using a common sense approach to getting healthy.

It’s a practical, easy-to-use approach to health and cooking. Most of these delicious recipes contain five ingredients or less and take five-to-ten minutes to prepare. Getting healthy should be simple… this book is the solution.

About the Primal Power Method

The Primal Power Method was created by fat loss and food industry expert Gary Collins, M.S. Its purpose is to educate and inform the public about how the food industry is keeping you fat—and what you can do to overcome the hidden obstacles inherent in our food system.

The Method advocates a common-sense, simple, achievable approach, because it’s important to strive for what is realistic rather than idealistic. In this spirit, the Primal Power Method follows five truth-based, real-world principles designed to keep you on track:

  1. Knowledge is power
  2. Avoid extremes
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Something is better than nothing
  5. Take action today and every day

The Primal Power Method exists to help people just like you achieve their weight loss and wellness goals. We hope you will join us—and them—on this revolutionary new pathway to optimal health.

Get the series now:

Book 1: Change Your Body, Change Your Life.

Book 2: The Organic Caveman

Book 3: The Meal Guide: Quick, Super-Easy Primal and Paleo Recipes

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