Evans Brothers Organic Coffee – Big Timber Blend


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Evans Brothers Organic Coffee – Big Timber Blend

* Whole Bean (12 Ounce Bag)

  • Certified Organic

  • Certified Fair Trade

  • Rich Smokiness, Creamy Milk Chocolate, Dark And Full Body

*Roasted in the USA
*Gluten Free
*GMO Free
*Dairy Free
*Soy Free

*This product SHIPS FOR FREE

Get your healthy food products from a trusted source, and former FDA Special Agent who knows the food industry inside and out!

How To Use Coffee As A Weight Loss Tool

Well, yes coffee is great for weight loss and here is why. When you consume organic coffee free of all the herbicides and pesticides it can be a great tool for weight loss and optimal health. First is speeds up your metabolism when consumed first thing in the morning, and in moderation (That means 3-5 cups a day). Coffee contains naturally occurring caffeine to give you a jolt and get your metabolism going. For those who struggle with intermittent fasting or just getting started (make sure to read my article on Intermittent Fasting Here) coffee is a great tool to use. Coffee acts as an appetite suppressant, in addition to giving you a nice energy boost.

In addition, an article in Health  June 19, 2014, indicated:

A caffeine dose equivalent to two or three cups of coffee taken one hour prior to a half-hour-long workout reduced the participants’ level of perceived muscle pain.This pain reduction could allow you to push yourself just a bit harder, which is important during high intensity exercises.

I consume a cup or two of Evan Brothers Organic Big Timber Blend coffee first thing in the morning, and go straight to the gym, or get some exercise in the great outdoors. I have used coffee in the morning as a tool for energy and a way to continue my fasting period for years with amazing results.

*Special Note – Having a cup of coffee for its health benefits doesn’t mean loading it sugar and other health derailing ingredients. It also must be organic, as non-organic coffee beans are one of the most heavily pesticides-sprayed crops in the world. Also, coffee is best consumed black with nothing added. For those who just can’t take their coffee straight you can add one teaspoon of organic sugar and a teaspoon of coconut oil, which will help sweeten it up a bit. But to be truly Primal, suck it up and drink it straight up like yours truly!

The Best Tasting And Cheapest Way To Make Your Coffee

The easiest way to ruin that high quality Evans Brothers Organic Coffee is to brew it with a plastic coffee maker. Plastics contain numerous chemicals detrimental to your health, especially when heated.

For me the best way to make a healthy cup of organic coffee is to use a French Press (make sure to watch my video on how to use a French Press Here). Now just don’t go out an buy the cheapest one you can find. Make sure it is either made of glass with a stainless steel top, or made entirely of stainless steel. I have two double walled stainless steel French Presses, one for my travel trailer, and one for my home. They are the most durable, and the double wall helps keep your coffee nice and hot.

Even More Benefits Of Consuming Coffee Daily

– In a study of more than 25,000 people, those who drank three to five cups of coffee a day were less likely to have calcium deposits in their coronary arteries than those who drank no coffee or more coffee daily. Calcium deposits are considered to be the primary predictor in coronary heart disease.

– During a study of people with advanced (stage III) colon cancer, drinking four or more cups of caffeinated coffee daily lowered the risk of cancer recurrence or death by 52 percent compared to those who drank no coffee at all.

– Drinking two or three cups of caffeinated coffee a day was also beneficial in lowering the risk of recurrence of colon cancer or death by a whopping 31 percent.

– Coffee contains polyphenols, such as flavonoids, lignan phytoestrogens, and polyphenols, which are also known to have anti-cancer properties, as does caffeic acid, which inactivates several pathways involved in the development of tumors.

– Coffee has multiple potential anti-cancer pathways. As mentioned, caffeine is one of them, as its been shown to both stimulate and suppress tumors depending on the cancer and when it’s administered.

In an article contained in the New York Times August 17, 2015

The researchers’ hypothesis is that the factors that increase risk for Type 2 diabetes, such as obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and high insulin levels, also drive colon cancer, Dr. [Charles S.] Fuchs [director of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston] said.

And many studies have shown that coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk for Type 2 diabetes, a chronic illness that may increase the risk of colon cancer.

‘We believe that activating the energy pathways that contribute to heart disease and diabetes is also relevant for the proliferation of cancer cells,’ Dr. Fuchs said, while also stressing that more research was needed.

The analysis determined the lowered risk associated with coffee was… because of the caffeine. One hypothesis is that caffeine increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, so it requires less of the hormone. That, in turn, may reduce inflammation, which is a risk factor for diabetes and cancer.”

Caffeine contained in coffee helps with the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline, which triggers the release of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF activates brain stem cells to convert into new neurons, thus improving your brain health.

To me this is all good news, but the real proof is in my own personal experience, and with using organic coffee as a weight loss tool with clients. The results are truly amazing for such an easy and cheap addition.

Product Description

A mélange of roast styles accentuates both the creamy chocolate and citrus undertones along with the rich smokiness of our darkest and most popular blend.

High-grown Indonesian, African, and Latin American coffees are harmoniously blended together.  As with all our blends, each coffee is roasted separately prior to blending in order to bring out the essential qualities of each bean.  Using a mélange of roast styles accentuates both the creamy chocolate and citrus undertones along with the rich smokiness of one of our darker and highly popular roasts.

All coffees used are Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Big Timber is named after one of the brothers’ favorite Schweitzer Mountain ski runs, a double black diamond through trees and chutes which is Rick’s favorite place to get first tracks!  Like the ski run, this blend is bold and aggressive.

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