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52 Tips for Healthy Living

This little booklet packs a powerful punch with 52 Primal Power lifestyle tips that can change the way you look and feel from the inside out. This is a no-fluff quick read with practical primal tips that you can implement in your life immediately.


Primal Power Method: Food Pyramid

Substantially different than the traditional USDA food pyramid, Gary’s Primal food pyramid is a simple-to-understand, visual tool to help you learn the types and portions of foods that you should consume while you’re following the Primal Power Method. This handy chart can be printed out and posted on your refrigerator for quick reference.


Primal Power Method: Common GMO Ingredients

Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are plants, animals and micro-organisms that have had their genetic material manipulated through bio-engineering techniques. Here’s a handy list of common ingredients known to contain GMOs


Primal Power Method: Starter Shopping List

Those Paleo shopping lists floating around the net that consist of hundreds of food products are more complicated than they are practical or useful in the field. That’s why Gary has compiled this simple, one-page shopping list of common Primal foods for you to get started implementing the Primal Power Method today.

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