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A Primal Power Method Interview: Dr. Mark Smith – One Of The Original “Paleo Diet” Researchers


Dr. Mark Smith was an integral part of the original research conducted by Dr. Loren Cordain, the creator and author of “The Paleo Diet.” During this interview Dr. Smith and I discuss what the Paleo diet truly consist of, and answer a lot of questions regarding the  confusion of what the Paleo Diet represents in today’s health world.

For The Complete Transcript Of The Interview Click Here:


A Primal Power Method Recipe – BBQ Pulled Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Primal Power Method - bbq pulled chicken wraps1

Primal BBQ pulled chicken lettuce wraps, by Steven Carmen.


* All ingredients should be organic if possible

4 Chicken breast, free range organic fed. No antibiotics, No Hormones

1.5 Cups or 1 bottle of Cavemen Bob’s BBQ sauce

1 Organic small onion, sliced


Gary Discusses FDA Food Policies, Corruption And More On The RT News Network “Breaking The Set” Show


My segment starts at 6:26 and ends at 14:05

Recently, I was a guest on the RT News Network “Breaking the Set” show to discuss my experience and expertise, as a former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Special Agent, concerning food policies and more. In this interview I get into some down and dirty topics that I have never discussed in public before.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • GMO’s


A Primal Power Method Interview: Erin Sharoni, Anchor & Host for CBS Sports and How She Got Primal


Transcript of entire interview below:

Gary Collins:  Hi, this is Gary Collins, creator of the Primal Power Method, and I am here with Erin Sharoni, the host and anchor for CBS Sports. She’s also the creator and host of Live Like an Athlete podcast on Thanks for coming on today, Erin.

Erin Sharoni:  Thanks for having me.

Gary: I think you have a very unique story, and I thought it was interesting how we found each other through the Primal and Paleo kind of ways. But nonetheless, we ended up talking and noticed we had a lot in common, and I really like what you’re trying to do on your end as well because it’s pretty unique. For those unfamiliar, would you give a little background to how you ended up in the Paleo and Primal world?